All the power of a spectral sensor on-a-chip

Discover ChipSense:
our Spectral Sensor solution for NIR Analysis

Measure the world around you
with ChipSense, MantiSpectra's Spectral Sensor

Enabling NIR Spectroscopy everywhere you need it

MantiSpectra NIR Spectroscopy - smart industry

Smart Industry

Identify raw materials, textiles, polymers, liquid, or solids, all with a non-invasive chemical analysis.

MantiSpectra NIR Spectroscopy - smart farming

Smart Farming

From soil and fruit analysis to milk quality control, our technology will help you develop real-time solutions.

MantiSpectra NIR Spectroscopy - smart home

Smart Home

From washing machines with automatic washing programs to smart home appliances, to monitor your food, be ready for consumer-level spectral sensing.

Bringing the Power of NIR Spectroscopy to everyone. 

Key Points

spectral sensor


Thousands of devices on a single wafer.

spectral sensor


A spectral sensor so small to fit in a smartphone.

spectral sensor


No moving elements.
No Re-Calibration.

spectral sensor


Measure only the bands that you need.

spectral sensor NIR Spectroscopy


High performance in the wavelength range 850-1700 nm

Is your application missing?

Behind our Spectral sensor technology

Portable NIR spectroscopy: How?

Our Core Technology

We have developed ChipSense™, a tiny Spectral Chip that can be
It is based on an array of detectors having selective wavelengths in the near-infrared region (850-1700nm).

The SpectraPod™

Fast, non-invasive, no-sample preparation required.

A standalone spectral module, which includes everything you need to start your journey with material sensing.

Our work Flow

Define, Collect, Measure and Learn.

A step-by-step workflow to build the model, aka the “brain”, for your application: The Spectral Stream.

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