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Our Development Kit

OEM Sensing Board

  • 16 channels (850-1700 nm)
  • l2C Bus/USB-connection
  • Customization for volumes

The SpectraPod™

  • Handheld
  • Optics and Illumination Included
  • USB-connection
  • Software: SpectraByte™

SpectraPod™ configurations

The 3 main configurations of our SpectraPod™ development kit. 


For measuring in the reflectance mode. Can be combined with a cuvette attachment for measuring powders or liquids.


Illumination lamp is integrated in the cuvette holder for measuring powders or liquids in the transmittance operation mode. 

Fiber coupled

A fiber probe can be used to measure in remote or harsh environments. The fiber can be coupled to the SpectraPod™ using the SMA connector. 

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We have developed The SpectraPod, a standalone Spectral Module.

This small development kit contains everything you need to start your journey with material sensing, including ChipSense, an electronic read-out board, and an illumination system.

Our core technology ChipSense is based on high-performance detectors having selective wavelengths in the near-infrared region (850 -1700 nm). This photonic chip provides a discrete NIR fingerprint of the material under analysis.

The SpectraPod features a USB port that allows the user to collect data with a laptop, organize measurements and build predictive models.

Various illumination and collection configurations are available by using several add-ons:

  • Reflectance
  • Transmittance
  • Interactance
  • Fiber coupled
  • Cuvette attachments 
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