About MantiSpectra

About MantiSpectra

Let’s talk about MantiSpectra, the vertically integrated spin-off of the Eindhoven University of Technology.  

At MantiSpectra, we believe that integrating spectroscopy at a wafer level will open up new applications where volume, robustness and ease-of-integration are key. From distributed sensors for quality measurements and material identification in process-control and agriculture to portable scanners or standalone IoT nodes.

Our mission: making spectral analysis possible for the masses.

These sensors will be employed directly where needed: on the field by farmers, in the process line on conveyor belts, along the full production chain, at the point-of-care.

The team

Maurangelo Petruzzella

CEO, Co-founder

Francesco Pagliano

CTO, Co-founder

Kaylee Hakkel


Fang ou

Head of Data Science & Applications

Lars Benesch

Business Development Director

Petar Sevo

Optical Scientist

Kris van Tienhoven

Cloud solutions

Luca Picelli

Head of R&D

Yvan Satyawan

Data science and software

Andrea Fiore

Scientific Advisor, Co-founder

Our Investors

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